Vocal Posture and Performance Teaching Principles and Esthetic Principles of Professor Georgi Zlatev-Cherkin

Professor Cherkin’s vocal posture and performance teaching principles, as well as his esthetic approaches, are presented in this article, as being pedagogical tenets and conclusions based on his long work as a vocal pedagogue. These principles may be used not only by contemporary vocal teachers, but also by anyone involved in vocal art. Their essence is related to the beginner’s gradual involvement into the vocal teaching process by means of a systematic connection between its numerous elements.
Vocal teacher’s creative work is devised alongside a stylized and individualized use of said principles, achieving phonation’s optimal quality.

Keyowrds: Georgi Zlatev-Cherkin (Tcherkin, Tsherkin, Tsherkine, Cerkin), Rusko Ruskov, singing, vocal pedagogy, vocal pedagogy approaches and methods, vocal teacher