The Unknown Ghena Dimitrova – Methods and Practices in the Opera Prima Donna’s Pedagogical Work

This article is devoted to one of the brightest personalities of the world opera stage – Ghena Dimitrova. A lot has been written about her, numerous articles and books have been published, but a part of her formidable career has remained outside the scope of researchers and has been completely neglected – her legacy as a vocal pedagogue. At the center of her voice teaching, is building a correct breathing technique, as a basic need and skill for every singer. She articulates it to her students by both physical and associative means.

Ghena Dimitrova prefers to talk about vocal challenges using simple and clear words. Interviews with her students shed light to her concrete teaching methods and origins, thus giving this article the invaluable opportunity to aid the young vocal artists of today.


Keywords: Ghena Dimitrova, opera, bel canto, singer breathing (technique), vocal pedagogy