The Significance of the Russian Pianist School for Building Keyboard Culture in the Far East Countries (China, Korea, Japan)


This article strives to point out that creating the current cultural level of keyboard schools in China, Korea and Japan, a particular influence is to be credited to the Russian keyboard school. Russian pianism is a power catalyst that has made possible for the mentioned countries to develop, according to their own national mentality and culture, and to enrich their unique emotional and sound palette. A conclusion has been drawn: that in the Far Eastern region, during its keyboard school formation, certain style features of the Russian keyboard school are particularly essential and crucial. Among them are: particular power of emotion, openness, spontaneity of expression, actively promoted penchant for sound saturation, multivariability of timbre solutions, cultivation of dense and savory piano sound.


Keywords: piano, China, Korea, Japan, Russian keyboard (clavier) school(s)