The Musical „Sluzhbogontsi“(„Career Chasers“) by Parashkev Hadjiev. Directorial Touch and Reference Points before the Performance

This article analyzes the dramatic action in the musical “Sluzhbogontsi” by Parashkev Hadzhiev through the director’s perspective, in view of its future stage production.
Genre and musical theatre rules are examined as a reference guide and base of analysis is the literary source, the comedy of the same name by Vazov. The two works are compared for similarities and differences and new elements are noted, added to the author’s concept through musical and dramatic material interpretation, musical genre’s artistic and aesthetic standards and the specific “national flavor” of the piece. Тhis specific creative hybrid of genres is stated by finding parallels with the new Viennese (salon) operetta, the musical of the Golden Age – the 1950s, and contemporary trends’ influence established in the 70s of the last century.
Special attention is paid to the characters’ personalities. Their motivational paradigm is structured, performance tasks identified, and their unique and typical features specified, creating characters’ biographies and behavioral models.
Analysis’ subject is the musical’s dramatic structure too, emphasized by the themes, plots, conflicts, preliminary circumstances and dramatic situations. Thus, in terms of genre stage transcription characteristics, “Sluzhbogontsi” mostly alludes to the burlesque, the farce and the grotesque.