Stella Dimitrova-Maistorova Talks About Lazar Nikolov and Dobrin Petkov

The great pianist is interviewed by Zhasmina Stoyantcheva

In 2017 there is an anniversary – 95 years from the birth of composer Lazar Nikolov, and 30 years from the death of the music director Dobrin Petkov – two exceptional figures in Bulgarian music culture from the second half of the 20th century. They fought for the truth in art at the time of it being strictly controlled and sanctioned by the communist regime. The opera “Prometheus Bound” (1968) by Lazar Nikolov is one of Bulgarian musical avant-guarde’s summits. In result of the energetic dedication of Dobrin Petkov, this opera was staged in 1974 in Rousse, and immediately later – in Plovdiv and Sofia – an event that represents a triumph of the highly motivated creative spirit.

In memoriam of these great personalities – Lazar Nikolov and Dobrin Petkov, is published this interview with the prominent pianist Stella Dimitrova-Maistorova, a participant in “Prometheus Bound”’s recording. This interview was taken by Zhasmina Stoyantcheva as part of her music history magistral thesis.

This publication is dedicated to Prof. Stella Dimitrova-Maistorova.

Keywords: Stella Dimitrova-Maistorova, Lazar Nikolov, Dobrin Petkov, “Prometheus Bound” opera