Shakespeare, Boito, Verdi and the Birth of „Falstaff“ – a Masterpiece of the Comic Genre

I choose to treat the comic opera “Falstaff” from Giuseppe Verdi as a subject of my report, not only because of my own interest in the comic genre, but mostly because I think that this opera is a real masterpiece, and in the Year of Verdi (in 2013 we celebrate 200 years from his birth) we must pay attention to his enormous influence as a composer and his principal role as a reformer of the comic genre.
“Falstaff” is a very difficult opera to interpret, not very suitable for young opera singers, and it could be considered as one of the greatest examples of the comic genre.
In this report I have tried to make a connection between Shakespeare, Boito and Verdi. I have tried to explain how difficult it is to create a masterpiece, and how important it is to have a brilliant literary source – such as Shakespeare’s comedy and chronicles, very good libretto and of course, (for an opera) the gift of a genius composer, such as Verdi.