“Petruna’s Metamorphoses” for Two Pianos by Georgi Kostov. Interpretative Difficulties in the Work and Executive Guidelines

The work Petruna’s Metamorphoses for two pianos by Georgi Kostov was completed on 29.07.2015. First performance was given by Lilia Kostova, to whom the author dedicated the work, and Evgenia Simeonova, on 19.10.2015, in the framework of “New Bulgarian Music” Festival. The author had the creative inspiration to base this work on the folk song Petruno, written years before. Author’s idea is the emphasized transformation of Petruna’s musical image, originally portrayed by the beautiful melody, undergoing significant changes while going through different musical styles. Each musical metamorphosis is realistic and animated, with thematic motive transformations that are varied, yet related, serving the overall work construction by acquiring a unified thematic basis.


Keywords: Georgi [Georgy] Kostov, new Bulgarian music, piano duo, ensemble performance analysis/analyses