Nenov’s Violin and Piano Sonata Originality and Comparison with Pieces by Franck, Szymanowski, Skryabin, Bloch

This article aims to shed some light on Nenov’s musical language in his sonata. Some rhythmic, structural, harmonic and melodic elements are being studied and emphasized, comparing them with some similar (or in some cases opposite) use of them in the musical Œvre of Franck, Skryabin, Bloch and Szymanowski. Thus the author attempts to accentuate Nenov’s unique and original style on the background of music development of the 20s and 30s of the 20th century. Some of Nenov’s autobiographic materials are used, as well as studies by Vasil Kazandjiev, Pencho Stoyanov, Nikolay Gradev and others.