Musician’s Information Competence in Using Electronic Music Document Databases

This article deals with musician’s information competence in using electronic music document databases. Music information’s multi-type specificity is derived by the need of different search approaches. On the other hand, the array of search methods formulates the degree of musicians’ information competence. Lack of a positive result in a search is often not caused by an information search venue. In the contemporary practice, funds that consist of special collections are widely used, such that require special approaches in search system organization. These collections’ materials may be in different formats, and may be marked in several variants of the musical work’s title. That is why said situation becomes particularly relevant. In such databases search is hindered, also because of factors as coincidence of basis classification parameters – genre, instrumentation. As a rule, the procedure in such cases would be by the way of trial and error, getting better by constant practice. Despite that, forming the right habits for stage-by-stage search task realization, advances our ability to get oriented in the music information space.

Keywords: electronic music (note) database, music library/ies, music publishers, online service, electronic scores