Musical and Interpretational Difficulties in Quartet № 4 „MicroQuartet“ by Marin Goleminov

This article discusses musical issues that frequently arise at the performance of one of the most popular Bulgarian quartets. These problems are analyzed and interpreted by taking into consideration both the fundamental methodological principles, as well as the long-standing performing traditions brought about by the works of Marin Goleminov and quartet “Dimov”. Short melodic phrases, variable rhythmic patterns, frequently used polyphonic technique, as well as the piece`s “microformat” outline the main difficulties from an instrumental and ensemble perspective. The most important of these is the need for a metric organization and synchronization of melody and rhythm in the general melodic phrase. Likewise, the article pays close attention to specific performing issues, focusing on the importance of articulation, intonation, and the different voices’ roles. Suggestions and conclusions offered by this article will undoubtedly aid young musicians in the interpretation and performance of this piece.