Managing Peoples’ Amateur Music and Art Activities in Bulgaria, Immediately Before the Creation of the Peoples’ Art Central Home (1948 – 1954). What is a “Subor” [a national fair] and How to Organize a “Celebration”

This article follows formation of governing structures (on a national and local level) that are to administer organized amateur art activity [samodeynost, самодейност] before establishing the Peoples’ Art Central Home in 1954. Following administrative documents and publications there are two events that develop over time: 1. “Subors” (old country traditional fairs, holidays, related to church traditions that undergo change because of the rigid ideological frame) and 2) “all-nation” holidays organized by the government, surveyed here as a deliberate step to supersede the traditional holidays with news ones, “socialist” ones. In this article a special emphasis is given to the various repertoire lines in amateur activity for said historical period, and to the special attention given by the government to the line that is related in one way or another to folklore (“amateur activity” and “folklore” become equivalent as “peoples’ art”), attention is given also to national folklorists’ position towards these processes.


Keywords: “Peoples’ Amateur music and art related activities” [samodeynost], folklore, (art) government, socialism