The Late Shchedrin – Performance Aspects of His Clavier Cycle “Questions” (2003)

Shchedrin’s late œuvre and his clavier cycle “Questions” in particular, reflect same specific and characteristic tendencies of 20th century art: thematic laconism, minimum time span of works, concentrated essence and expressivity, posing important questions to the interpreter. This cycle’s pieces are expression of the composer’s “cerebral” dialogue with the performer and audience, making possible to achieve the idea of a life summary, embedded in the dramaturgy, mainly plotted in light-darkness-light manner. In “Questions”, Shchedrin gives a complete freedom to the performer in choosing tempo, dynamics, stroke, phrasing in an open finale – in the dramaturgical sense.

Keywords: clavier cycle, keyboard cycle, “Questions”, Shchedrin, miniatures, interpretation problems, lack of reprise, reprise-lacking