Historical Development of the Three-Stringed Double Bass and its Application in Contemporary Instrumental Practice

The publication aims to present an objective view of the three-stringed double bass in historical terms, as well as in terms of contemporary music practice. Various documented views of the instrument by composers and performers over the centuries have been considered; especially performers and schools related to the three-stringed double bass and their contribution to the modern double bass instrument. The publication provides an analysis of the documented structures and their relationship to those used today. The theme of the repertoire for the three-stringed instrument and the application of the instrument in chronological terms is covered: from the first information about its use and its popularity during the early French double bass school, through the Italian virtuosos, performers of double bass in the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, to the present. Examples of modern use of the ancient instrument are also discussed in the text.


Keywords: double bass; three-stringed double bass; double bass tuning; antique musical instruments