“Every Woman Does It This Way?” – a Metamorphosis With a Prologue, Two Tableaux and an Epilogue – Musings About “La Serva Padrona”. Esthetic and Genre Reflexions

The object of this study is “Every Woman Does It This Way?” – a metamorphosis with a prologue, two tableaux and an epilogue. This is an author’s reworking of the opéra comique “La Serva Padrona”, first staged in Bulgaria in 21st and 22nd of May 2015 by the Student Music Theater in the Grand Concert Hall of the National Music Academy. This analysis is presented in the form of a director’s explicaçion, deriving the meaning, intentions, artistic idea, motivations, main objective’s paradigm, and concrete tasks at hand. Esthetic and art parameters are followed and defined, related to the genre transformations and the newly-produced hybrid of music and theater, uniting the quality specifics and building components of opera buffa, operetta, musical, romantic comedy, epic theater. Art provocation is emphasized, as well as the alternative direction and avant-guarde searches and solutions, coming directly from the libretto, rewritten and set at the present time, with the music added, the music theater dramaturgy (conflicts, plot lines), dramatis personæ (some well-known and some new – a total of 23), scenic transcription, and the final audio-visual art product. The final spiritual and musical bridge between the baroque and present time is achieved by means of archetype ideas, actualization, stylization, idealization and universalization.

Keywords: Metamorphosis, avant-guarde directions, provocation searches, genre transformations, genre hybrid, baroque-contemporary time