Creative Discoveries, Analogies and Innovations in the Opera “Kosara” by Maestro Georgy Atanasov. Reflections Based on Personal Experience in Conducting This Work

This publication is devoted to the opera “Kosara” – an insufficiently researched work. It has not been performed for eighty-one years, and is almost completely forgotten. My desire to emphasize its crucial importance for Bulgarian music culture, as well as its superb artistic values, was mainly inspired by the unique opportunity to prepare and present this work in live performance (albeit a concert one only) in 2010 on the stage of Sofia Opera. In result of my work I discovered that Maestro Atanasov is really successful in creating a highly valuable and modern Bulgarian opera. It deserves its place among the best Bulgarian representatives of this genre with its leitmotive dramaturgy, recitative-declamatory style, action’s contiguity without separate numbers, orchestra’s important role, and numerous other merits – I hope for this to happen by help of this publication.

Keywords: Maestro Georgy Atanasov, “Kosara”, music drama, Boyan Danovsky