Bulgarian Politic Stance Towards Communal Amateur Music Activity (“Samodeynost”) Within the Context of Music Culture Politics by the Times of Science, Art and Culture Committee (1948 – 1954)

This article is a part of a bigger study of communal music amateur activity in Bulgaria by the time of socialism – directed mostly towards the link between the “samodeynost” and national music folklore. This time period is related entirely with the time of the Committee for science, art and culture’s (CSAC) activity, which coincides with the period of Stalinism in Bulgaria. Based on administrative archive, publications and memoirs, this article makes a parallel between building and administration of communal art and music system in Bulgaria between 1948 and 1954, and the state policy towards “high musical culture”.

Keywords: socialism, cultural politics and policy, amateur art and music activity, samodeynost, Petko Staynov, Lubomir Pipkov, Professor Georgy Dimitrov