An Innovative Method for Initial Training in Trombone – a Historic-Organological Aspect

The type of trombone which features the most in the contemporary solo, ensemble and orchestral practice is the tenor trombone. Its timbre and instrumental qualities, as well as the voluminous literature dedicated to it, have defined the method for initial training in trombone, which includes the use of tenor trombone.
The physical development level of younger instrumentalists of early age, especially the insufficient length of their arms, requires a method for initial training in trombone which includes the use of similar to the tenor trombone brass instrument. According to the traditional method, the euphonium could be such an instrument. The innovative method presented here, includes the use of the alto type of trombone – the alto trombone.
The research accents on the comparative historic analysis of the alto trombone and the euphonium, thus filling up a considerable gap in the Bulgarian organology.