The Almanac of NMA “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” is its annual scientific journal, publishing musicology and dance-related material. Authors published are NMA and other higher education institution lecturers, domestic and international, also doctoral and postdoctoral scholars.

Bulgarian music and musicology representatives are an important aspect of this journal’s academic focus. An enclosed section is devoted to them, researching their music and music-scientific art.

Having in mind NMA’s music performance emphasize, the Almanac devotes special attention to performance – a topic that is not of such high priority in other national academic journals.

Another section of the Almanac deals with music pedagogy and methodology, music education – common and more specialized – for performers, singers, conductors, composers, music scientists, sound designers.



Associate Professor Nikolay Gradev, Ph. D

Associate Professor Nikolay Gradev, Ph. D, Editor-in-Chief – harmony lecturer at the NMA “Professor Pancho Vladigerov”. Also a harmony teacher at the National Music School “Lyubomir Pipkov” (since 1992) and in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridsky”. Musicologist in research group “History of Music. New Time” at the Institute of Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1999 – 2008). Member of Bulgarian Composers’ Union, section “Musicologists”. Expert in the field of “Music” of project “1000 Scholarships” of Foundation “Communitas”. Holds a Council of Ministers Diploma of Republic of Bulgaria for contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture (2010) and an Award for contribution to the development of National Music School “Lyubomir Pipkov” and the Bulgarian musical and pedagogical school (2012). Research in the field of modal harmony and symmetry modes in European and Bulgarian music (Chromatic forms of pitch-measure symmetry in 19th century music); Research Method of Dimitar Nenov’s Modal-Symmetric Musical Thinking; Non-classical Conditions of Tonality in Petko Staynov’s Creative Works (Theoreatical-methodological Study Based on the Composer’s Choral Music).

Professor Lyudmila Alexandrova, Sc. D

Professor Lyudmila Viktorovna Alexandrova, Sc. D is a musicologist in the Department of Composition at the Novosibirsk Conservatory (Academy) “M. I. Glinka“, Russia. She has written numerous studies about 20th century music, symmetry in the compositional techniques of B. Bartok, B. Tishchenko, S. Slonimsky, and others, the music of Siberian composers I. Bershadsky, G. Ivanov. She is the author of ”Magnitude and symmetry in music: logical-historical aspect”, a textbook “The ancient musical system”, introductory articles, comments, translations from Greek of Nikomachus of Gerassa, Ptolemy, Aristides Quintilianus. She also has written scientific and methodological papers about computer technology, – a textbook in algorithmic computer system harmony and strict polyphonic style.

Professor Natasha Yapova, Ph. D

Professor Natasha Yapova, Ph. D – music history lecturer at the NMA “Professor Pancho Vladigerov”. Member of Editorial board of “Musical Horizons” journal, issued by the Union of Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers, and until 1994 – an editor there. Scientific editor of “Memorials of Music Science” series (issued by UBMD). Research devoted to European and Bulgarian music history.

Professor Theodora Pavlovitch

Professor Theodora Pavlovitch – choral conducting teacher at the NMA “Professor Pancho Vladigerov” and Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Director of Classic FM Radio choir and Sofia Chamber Choir “Vasil Arnaudov”. A lecturer and masterclass teacher in choir conducting and jury member at international choral competitions in 24 European countries, Russia, the US, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel. Author of articles in national and international journals for choral music. Chair of the Music Commission of the European Choral Association Europa Cantat (2003 – 2006) and Vice President for Europe of the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) from 2008 to 2014.

Professor Svilen Raichev

Professor Svilen Raichev – voice and vocal pedagogy teacher at the NMA “Professor Pancho Vladigerov”. Division director (since 2012) of Classical Vocal Division. Follower of Bulgarian vocal school tradition, as represented by professors G. Zlatev-Cherkin and R. Ruskov. Opera and operetta-oriented research.

Evgenia Hristozova

Evgenia Hristozova, Editor and Proofreader – a musicologist, editor of “Musical Horizons” journal (since 1983). Music history lecturer at the AMDFA – Plovdiv (1978 – 1980), an expert at the National Center for Music and dance of the Ministry of Culture (1994 – 1995), editor at the Bulgarian National Radio (1995 – 1996). Has done research, critic and publicist activity in the field of European and Bulgarian music.

Associate Professor Sabin Levi

Associate Professor Sabin Levi, DMA, FAGO, English Text Editor – teacher of music theory, counterpoint and organ at the NMA “Professor Pancho Vladigerov”. DMA in organ and composition, University of Kansas. Composer, organist, and carillonneur. Has studied in Bulgaria, Israel, USA and France. First prize winner of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Competition (as an organist, 1991 – 1992 and 1993 – 1994), Second prize at the Mayhew Composition Competition (1998),TFirst prize at the Anthony B. Cius Composition Competition (2005). Published as a composer and musicologist in Bulgaria, Israel and the US. Concertizes as a pianist, composer, organist and carillonneur in Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Serbia, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Israel, France and the US.

Assoc. Prof. Snezhina Vrangova, Ph.D.

Mariyan Georgiev, Ph. D

Mariyan Georgiev, Ph. D, coordinator – holds a Master’s degree from the NMA “Professor Pancho Vladigerov” (2004) and Master’s degree in marketing management (Technical University, Sofia, 2012), also a Doctorate in musicology devoted to the Bulgarian composer Ivan Spassov.


Prof. Adriana Blagoeva, Ph.D.

Prof. Goritsa Naydenova, Ph.D.

Prof. Dimitar Tsanev, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Iskra Racheva

Prof. Ulian Kumudziev, Ph.D.

Prof. Anda Palieva, Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Vanya Bachavarova, Ph.D.